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Keeping the wireless devices in your office or campus connected and secured is now more important than ever. You need a strong Wi-Fi connection all while making sure each and every device is secured and prevent any unauthorized access. Wave 2 is here – and you need to know about it! Education is a large consumer of wireless access. Classrooms put a large demand on the existing networks. This is a short synopsis of what to expect from Wave 2. Gigabit Wi-Fi Possibilities The speed in the Wave 2 specification is well over the 1 Gbps (2.34 Gbps) and with data carriers delivering high speed circuits, wouldn’t it be great to use these speeds with our laptops and mobile devices? Reality Currently the Wi-Fi manufacturers can provide devices that can deliver these speeds, but only a few Samsung smart phones are able to realize the benefit. What mobile applications require these high speeds? Multiple Device Transmission MU-MIMO networks is one of the best features to hit education. It allows multiple devices to send broadcast transmissions simultaneously. Instead of sequencing to 50 devices, the signal can be broadcast and received on all devices at the same time. Reality This is more important than the speed. It is like watching a movie and all the images appear on the device real time. Additional Streams 802.11ac has increased the number of streams from 3 to 4. Each stream can run up to 433 Mbps. Reality Access points can support up to 8 data streams but most client devices only support one (433 Mbps). Channel Bandwidth Doubled The speed is doubled in Wave 2 from 80 MHz to 160 MHz and that enables faster transmission speeds over more channels. Higher rates are accomplished through channel bonding. Reality Speed is increased by enabling the new channels but in North America we are limited to only one available channel. Currently there are no wireless devices capable of receiving the new channels.