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The STEP Program

As a member of the Samsung Team of Empowered Partners (STEP), you will enjoy many benefits, capture new opportunties and gain support from a world-class IT leader designed deliver the best connected experience for your customers.

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STEP Program overview

Upon successful registration to the STEP Program, you can enjoy the various benefits and support provided and gain access to the Samsung Partner portal where an array of information and tools can be found. 

With over 70 years of operational excellence, Samsung is a globally respected leader in technology, delivering innovation and exceptional values to Business Partners. Our diverse business portfolio and capabilities provide a foundation for consistently creating market-leading solutions that help you to address real-world business challenges. Samsung, boasting over 60,500 research and development employees, is the industry leader in developing cutting-edge products and solutions.


Marketing Tools

Collateral and resources to help close deals including co-branding.


Sales Tools

Online deal registration, playbooks and other enablement tools.


Deal Registration

Register and follow deals in one easy place.


Training & Support

Online sales and technical training and world-class support available.


STEP Partner Benefits

Membership to the STEP program entitles you to exclusive Samsung benefits to build your skills and extend your reach into new markets. STEP offers four program tiers designed to reward your commitment as a Samsung Business Partner: Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All new partners will enter as a registered business partner with increases earned on partnership performance, leading to enhanced benefits. As you advance to higher partner tiers, you deepen your relationship with Samsung and receive increasing levels of opportunity for growth and rewards.



  • Pre- and Post-Sales Support
  • Deal Registration
  • Playbooks and sales presentations
  • Online Sales and Technical training.


Silver Partner includes all the benefits covered by a the Registered Partner and following additional benefits:

  • Sales rebates and sales call center support
  • Samsung Alliance logo, Marketing materials, including collateral
  • Technical call center support
  • Samsung Alliance Branding


Gold Partner includes all the benefits covered by Silver Partner and following additional benefits:

  • Dedicated sales support resources and expansive sales tools
  • Marketing assistance and access to demos and joint marketing
  • Demo unit discount
  • Marketing funding
  • Dedicated sales support


Platinum Partner includes all the benefits covered by Gold Partner and following additional benefits:

  • A full range of sales and sales lead support
  • A wide array of marketing assistance and access to a marketing fund
  • A selection of online and offline sales and technical training opportunities
  • Additional support, including Samsung executive meetings and joint business plans for enhanced collaboration

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